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On 12 May 2013, I entered  a Cold War bunker and was sealed in there, alone for five days – in total isolation from the outside world.

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Day 3 (Emergency Broadcast)

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Goodbye to Shirley


Theme for War Against The Walking Dead - The Front Lines by Aaron Stoquert


The bunker is spread across three floors of underground concrete levels. There’s a canteen, small hospital and it’s packed with the Cold War equipment which would have directed operations in the event of Soviet attack.

As you can see from the photos, I’m not going to be claustrophobic but few people get to spend that much time with no human contact. I write about post-apocalyptic survival in many of stories but how will I actually do cut off from the world?


To make things more realistic, I’ll be taking with me a ‘set of beliefs’ that explain the back story to my situation.  With echoes of I am Legend, I am the sole survivor of a viral outbreak, it is vital that I stay sealed in the bunker and I have no idea if help will ever come. During the day, I will complete periodic perimeter checks and other tasks in keeping with a sealed bunker. 

The only contact I will have is through my daily web blog which will be uploaded to a site and then be fed into this site and my facebook account. There will be no two way contact. I’ll just record short daily updates and get them uploaded.



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