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December 2011 – I am Legend – Richard Matheson

An excellent novel in a brilliant new hardback version

(Click Book to purchase from Amazon.com)

"Two things must ye know of the wise woman. First, she is wise. Second, she is a woman," so spake some crone in the second series of Black Adder & I feel I'm gonna sound a bit like that when I say.

Firstly, forget the films; put them out of your head as you read. Secondly, get those pesky zombies out of sight too, this book aint about zombies.

There, with that dealt with, on with the book. Robert Neville (our hero/anti-hero) is the last living man on earth ... cue fortified home, collecting supplies, you know the routine.

But he is not alone. Every other man, woman and child on the planet has become a vampire, and they are all hungry for Neville's blood. Yes, these are classic vampires, afraid of the light, scared of garlic, can be staked to remove. However, remember this book is from the 1950's & these vampires are no Twilight versions. They are approached almost as a different species....

By day, Robert moves around at will. By night, he shelters terrified in his home. The end will blow your socks off.

I don't like spoilers in review so I won't put any here. This is a remarkable & well-written novel. When you read it, you'll wonder why they didn't just make a film of this. It's gritty, real & has dated very well so don't feel like you are going to struggle with this, you won't.

The version I read was the Gollancz Top 50 hardback which you can pick up for a snip. Also, as we all know, hardbacks are better & you will look very impressive reading it.
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