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My Blog
Why No Castles or Stately Homes?
3/2/2010 1:10:09 PM

I was speaking to a friend last night, she had been looking at the section about long-term settlement locations – the places you could really look at to start rebuilding things after the zombies do what they normally do.

She asked why I’d left castles out – surely they would be the best defensive locations & they are all over the country?

Well, this was not laziness on my part – I checked hundreds of long-term locations including stately homes & castles, I just had to sift it down.

After visiting many of our fine historical homes & castles, I quickly realised that most are not the dream defensive locations you would think. For example, rather than a solid wooden drawbridge, you are more likely now to find a gift shop & public café – fine & dandy for day trippers but not so useful when battling the undead.

Stately homes were even worse – warrens of corridors, hundreds of rooms, dark corners. One visit to a stately home close by around dusk & I saw that this site would be a real nightmare when the lights go out – totally disorientating…

The final nail in the coffin for me was that I fear these fantastic locations will attract each & every surviving hard man or would be robber baron with the ambition to set themselves up as the new local lord. I can see groups of bandits & rapscallions moving in with their armed thugs, making these sites no go areas for other survivors.

After a 10 minute rant, my friend agreed. However, I also think I have managed to convince her that I am more than half way round the bend.

Well, I thought, that is one of the perils of campaigning on anti-zombie issues here in the UK & elsewhere I suspect.
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