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Survivor Groups
6/1/2010 8:28:54 PM
Who will survive the coming zombie apocalypse?
My research this week has meant I have been looking at this question from every angle.
Our inner city gangs come out quite well. If they can get themselves organised quickly enough, there is every chance that with their access to firearms and their local knowledge, they will be able to survive and even thrive in urban areas.
Frightening stuff for us ‘normal’ folk – one can easily imagine these villains controlling areas of relative safety – what price will they extract – some of our stores? Will we become their virtual slaves?
My advice has always been to run silent in the first months of a zombie outbreak – keep your head down and stay safe. There will be plenty of desperate people out there, advertising that you are well-prepared and well-stocked is one sure way to get yourself attacked.
As things get toasty & the zombies run amok, you can expect many more people to fall into this ‘desperate’ category – you can expect to see some very disturbing sights & I don’t just mean the ghouls. You will have families robbing from other families, neighbours willing to steal from anyone – make no mistake; the battle for survival won’t just be against the zombies.
However, whilst the zombie apocalypse will show us the worst humanity has to offer, it may also us the best, as former strangers take in lone stragglers or battle to defend other survivors. We can only hope that on our small island, we can at least try to work together to defeat the living dead menace without becoming some mad max style society within a few weeks.
Be interested in your comments on which community you think will best survive the zombies….the military, police, Mormons?
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