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Ammunition in the UK
5/11/2010 3:45:30 PM
When people talk about the upcoming war against the zombies, they always factor in our use of modern weapons and in particular artillery and how these could devastate the living dead as they shamble towards us.
Well, a Ministry of Defence contact has this week confirmed that we have enough ammunition stocks for only 3 weeks of sustained action in this country basically, within a short time our forces would simply run out of ammo for their guns.
If you are interested the stock for small arms was nearer 2 weeks… The Ministry of Defence operates a policy known as ‘lean operations’ in which just enough of each item is ordered, as you can imagine, this saves millions if not billions of pounds.
Trouble is when the ghouls hit town, we are gonna need those bullets & in a hurry.
As the Minister of Zombies in our current hug parliament, I have called for urgent stocks of guns & weapons to be purchased.
We bailed out the banks, it’s now time to bail out our national zombie defence plans….   
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