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Ministry of Zombies
Home of the Haynes Zombie Survival Manual and all things zombie survival in the UK
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Zombie Animals (Excerpt from the Official Zombie Handbook)
A question often asked is whether the Zombic Condition can spread to members of the animal kingdom. This could have massive consequences for the survivor community in terms of the threat faced with the prospect of living dead dogs, cats and even birds, adding a frightening new vector to the zombie menace
Current research indicates that the Zombic Condition only develops in humans, although the virus itself can be present in animals. A serious lack of research in this area does leave the possibility that other animals, particularly primates, may be prone to the condition but there are no documented examples. With the number of primates in the UK, even if the condition did develop, it would pose little real threat to any remaining humans. Far more dangerous will be the wandering packs of uninfected dogs which will grow increasingly desperate and wild as they are left to fend for themselves.
Another question to consider is whether zombies would be attracted to the fresh meat of other living creatures other than humans? Would our innocent pets be as much in danger from the shambling masses as we are?
Current orthodoxy is that the living dead have a strong preference for human flesh and that they show little interest in any type of animal. They seem to be drawn to living people with a drive and passion which overwhelms any other food source and would ignore any other life form close by. Whether they would ever start to eat other living creatures is not clear but a witness to an outbreak from the 1920s in what is now modern day Iraq reported seeing ghouls in the desert scooping up large black beetles and clumsily putting them in their mouths. These zombies had been wandering the desert for some time and it may be they were using whatever life was available until they could once again reach their preferred food source - humans. No other documented examples of the living dead eating animals exists so for the moment this issue, as with many others in zombiology, must remain open.
If you want some great fiction on zombie creatures read Severed Press’s Zombie Zoology. But, remember it is fictional. Probably still give you nightmares.
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