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Ministry of Zombies
Home of the Haynes Zombie Survival Manual and all things zombie survival in the UK
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Zombie Book Worms
We all love zombie books. You love em, I love em, we all buy em. But today’s zombie survival sermon is a cautionary tale…
There are loads of great zombie book novels out there some good entertainment, some an excellent tutorial in battling the living dead. Others pure works of fiction in every sense of the word, filled with madness such as talking zombies, thinking zombies, super-ghouls…
My note of caution is that whilst reading is a worthwhile exercise don’t overlook physical training or practical skills.
In one survey at a top five consultancy, zombie enthusiasts were asked where they spent most of their ‘survival budget’. No surprise it was on books. Piles of books.
Enough to block the door as the hungry dead try to batter it down?
Of course, knowledge is power but you also need to get your home prepared. Get fit. Get your food stocked up.
Once the living dead arrive, you will need knowledge and these skills to survive don’t just be a book worm….worms almost always get squashed.
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