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Ministry of Zombies
Home of the Haynes Zombie Survival Manual and all things zombie survival in the UK
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Zombie Home Defence in Suburbia

So, you live in a built up area - like most Britons. Why spend thousands on some mad plan to escape to Scotland when you will be safer staying put when the zombies arrive.
Fortification is the name of the game & to help you I have researched a well-defending dwelling in North London as an example.
Just see what these folks have done to make their pleasant bungalow secure.
The bars are clear for all to see - they say 'get out of my face'  to wandering rapscallions & possibly add a 'I'm a bit mental'  in the equation. But, the owners will be laughing when the ghouls come to town.
The outer wall could be higher & those roof tiles look like they need some loving but apart from that - this home says 'survivor'.
Notice also how the bars extend to all windows & doors. They have converted their garage into a food & supplies storage area but not forgotten to ensure it's secure. The chimney is also working - smokin.
I am convinced that a fortified home like this will get you through the first 90 days of the chaos...so don't forget to do an assessment on your own home this summer....think about how much money you are spending on that summer holiday - £1000? £2000? £3000? - now imagine how thrilled all of the family would be if you went out & spent it all on zombie home defence. They'd be thrilled. Guarantee.

Sleep safe survivors, I'm off to B&Q.

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