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Ministry of Zombies
Home of the Haynes Zombie Survival Manual and all things zombie survival in the UK
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Zombie Combat Training - A Call to Arms

I’m not one for slagging other zombie books off but there is a lame zombie combat guide out there by an American author that I think adds little to what Mr Brooks has already outlined. As for myself, well, I detail survival and tactical guidelines but the chance to improve my actual combat skills in a live situation was just too good to ignore.

So, I signed up to RAM’s new Zombie Boot Camp – that is the chance to try out body armour, guns and tactics against real ‘zombies’….

 I realised it’s a gap in my arsenal so I’m looking forward to the training. I had one hell of a day with the SAS a few years ago which left me shell-shocked but no zombies were involved. This is my chance to improve on my recent ZombieFest score in which I was the very first person killed.

 I will do a full write up when I get back and if you want to join me please check out their website. And, no I aint on commission, I just want to some bodies to shield behind during the training.


 I’m there on the 15th October 2011. I am also going to ensure that the ‘zombies’ meet all of the required standards and that RAM have correctly assessed zombie capability. This is the expertise I can bring. The RAM chaps, well they are going to teach us how to survive!

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12/11/2014 3:29:37 AM
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