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Ministry of Zombies
Home of the Haynes Zombie Survival Manual and all things zombie survival in the UK
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Five of the Best - New British Zombie Writers
Here at the Ministry of Zombies, we have trawled our bookshelves to find five of the most exciting new British authors in zombie & horror fiction. Now, we say ‘newcomer’ but some of these writers have been around for while with short stories but they all had new, breakthrough books in 2010 & 2011.
There is so much zombie fiction around at the moment, sometimes it’s good to recognise some of the amazing home-grown talent coming out of these islands. Represented in this list, you’ll find gritty real-life novels, amazing sprawling multi-book epics & classic comedy. Something they all share is they all wowed us here at the Ministry of Zombies.
So, here they are. Our Five of the Best. Of course, there are some other very talented authors out there but for now, here are five of the most exciting new British horror authors. They all deserve a place in our fortified Ministry of Zombies bunker when the zombie apocalypse hits the UK!
John McCuaig – a first novel with this London-based Scot. It’s amazing pace, tight scripting & simple but brilliantly told story keeps the reader glued to the page. One chapter more, just one chapter more, you look up & its gone midnight. McCuaig is an old-fashioned story-teller & we loved this story.

Darren Mills –this debut novel The Unnatural Dead was raw, edgy & feels like it's happening to you. It’s sharp, well-paced & would make a brilliant zombie flick. We’re watching Mr Mills to see what he comes up with next. What is for sure, it’s going to be more classic British zombie action….

Remy Porter – his debut novel Dead Beat ripped into the Ministry of Zombies book shelf as this ex-copper & now Aussie-based horror newcomer delivered a shot in the arm to zombie world. Very well-received & much praised – a very enjoyable zombie read. He has also since published some excellent short stories.
Chris Wood – zombie comedies or 'zombedies' aren’t well-represented these days but Wood’s Sherlock Holmes and the Flying Zombie Death Monkeys is truly a laugh out loud book. As they say, it’s grim out there at the moment so be of good cheer with this one. There’s a series in which Wood wrecks havoc with his gags. If you liked Blackadder, you’ll love this stuff.
Adam Millard – this guy seems to have come from no-where with two blistering books out – Dead Cell & Dead West. His books are like reading a blockbuster action movie – there is simply not a dull page. The books themselves are really well put together with some amazing artwork. We were lucky enough to get signed copies but his work is better known in the States than here. A guy to watch for the future.
Wow, in the words of the late, great Sir Jimmy Saville, hows about that then?
That lot should keep anyone’s Kindle busy. We have very much enjoy their work so hats off to them all & all our other hard working British & Irish authors.
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12/2/2014 4:50:09 AM
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