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The Last Man Blog – How long would you survive?
It’s been the subject of a million pub conversations. Virtually every zombie survivalist and prepper has considered it.
Why not just barricade yourself somewhere safe & see out the apocalypse in style?
It sounds tempting. Find a safe place and cut yourself off from the zombies, the virus, and the world. But, how would any of us respond to such a challenge. Few of us go an hour without a conversation, text or email crossing our paths.
Well, this May, I will be cutting myself off from the world for 5 days of solitary confinement in an ex-cold war bunker here in the UK. I will have no human contact for the entire period and live off the rations I bring with me. I will be alone in a giant concrete bunker, below ground at all times.
The scenario is simple. I will be the last survivor of an apocalypse. I believe it was a zombie apocalypse. It could have been something else – a plague, meteor, whatever…

 I am secure in a huge underground bunker. Four floors of empty and abandoned Cold War corridors to wander and explore…  
This is going to happen by me in May. This will be my mini-apocalypse. I will cut off, alone and with no idea what’s going on outside.
How will I get by? Books, wandering, imagining stuff, getting scared by shadows, cracking up – I just don’t know. I’ve never done anything like this before, few of us have.
Thinking it through I can’t work out whether it will end up like ‘I am Legend’ with me barricading myself in a small room for sleeping periods or if it will be a great chance to be alone for a week for the first time in my life.
I hope this small experiment will provide some insight into the question above and provide some insight into what it’s like to be a lone survivor…
Details to follow and I will be sending one blog update per day so you can track the state of my sanity as we go along…

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12/7/2014 3:13:30 PM
First order of business would be to break out the my PTR 91 <a href="http://ybweqmenrwd.com">carbnie</a> and Springfield XD(M) pistol and ensure the magazines are prepped and accessable.Secondly I need to secure my apartment building by destroying the 2 staircases leading up to the 2nd floor. Rig rope ladders for access to the ground. Ensure there is plenty of fresh water (stored in bottles, clean milk jugs, and a large supply in the bathtubs) and food available given that power and water may or may not shut down as zombies overrun society.Get out the survival packs to include excess ammunition (at least 500 rounds), iodine tablets (for water purification), crowbar (melee weapon + its normal uses), canned/packaged food, swiss army knife, water, small selection of hand tools (hammer, screwdriver, bolt cutters, etc), 2 sets extra clothes, flashlights, batteries, military entrenching tool, compass, weapons cleaning kit, small toiletry kit, and a copy of the Zombie Survival Guide as a reference. Armor is unnescesary except for heavy duty clothes that can't be bitten through easily. Other than that its just a heavy waste of energy. Lay low for a while I wait until A) the situation comes under control and life goes on, B) the initial craziness dies down. In case of B we would head south to the coast (short trip from here) and try to get to one of the islands off the Florida coast. After we got there we could destroy access to the mainland and do a thourough sweep of the island for zombies. From then we use fishing supplies and water purification kits to survive indefinately. The end.
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