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Ministry of Zombies
Home of the Haynes Zombie Survival Manual and all things zombie survival in the UK
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One thing which can confuse the zombie expert on the interweb is the sheer volume of sites out there – some great, some misguided, some last updated in the 1998 – you get the picture.
I have started collecting together the sites I rely on for source material & news. It aint a big list to start with but I’ll add to as I can (see Favourite Links).
My advice is don’t go chicken oriental (mental) about it – research on sites you trust. You will find a link for the Zombie Times in my list – that is a great place to start & the team really know what they are doing – subscription to the email list is free…sweet.
Anyway, I have some ‘projects’ at home that it is really not safe to leave for much longer so I need to go. Also, I need to drop into the hardware shop on the way home – I need some strong wire, paint stripper & a box of 6 inch nails – don’t ask yet, all will be revealed in later blogs….
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5/15/2016 11:13:13 AM
Exercitiul acesta de relaxare m-a facut sa-mi vina in cap ganduri mai bune si chiar sa ma descarc prin niste lacrimi simtind o multumire pt Dumnezeu si a naturii ca m-a facut intreg si am tot ce trebuie pt a fi un om de succes(poate ti se pare ciudat ce zic eu ai&23#8ic0;dar asa am simtit ) E adevarat k nu prea m-am putut concentra la acest exercitiu dar m-a relaxat si o sa-l fac de mai multe ori pana o sa invat sa ma concentrez in totalitate la el fara sa ma plictiseasca si sa ma relaxez complet
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