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My Blog
Zombies and Disaster
3/5/2010 10:20:43 AM
I was doing some research for my next zombie project & I came across numerous incidents where natural or man-made disasters have led to disease outbreaks of various sorts – cholera is always a big one with infected water supplies etc.
Got me thinking, much of our emergency planning against ghouls has assumed a reasonable if ineffective level of governance. Suppose the framework of law & order was already damaged by say a flood, a quake etc. Once you start working it through your mind, it is a very sinister scenario…..
I am commissioning some research as we speak but I am convinced that the zombie virus will use ‘break out’ in areas which have suffered disasters – in addition, what impact will global warming have on the zombie menace?
Even more reason to donate to the emergency authorities & charities on the ground…
The best site in the UK is:-
Give what you can. These organisations can help get the people in places such as Haiti & Chile up & running. I & many others are ready with our cricket bats, guns & axes to help clear out any zombie outbreaks which follow.
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