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My Blog
The Work of Eric S Brown
4/5/2011 11:23:45 AM

The Ministry of Zombies in London wishes to formally recognise the pioneering work of author and zombie expert Eric S Brown.

Best known as ‘The King of Zombies’ - a title given to him by all of those who love his stories and something he likes to be known as around the home, he has published hundreds of short stories, a gaggle of novels and his latest work, Bigfoot War is currently savaging the charts on both sides of the Atlantic.
The are stacks of positive reviews for Bigfoot War on Amazon so I’m going to give you my take on it rather than repeating the verbiage of others.
Firstly, it’s a short, sharp & crisp book. The story races along at a pace and whilst loads of people have commented on the gore, I do think it all fits into the tale as nicely as a severed head in canvas sack.
Secondly, we are not talking Bigfoot here we are talking a tribe of Bigfoots. Eric has taken all the history of this creature and put his own spin on things. From something of a joke in monster circles, he picks up the creature and places it at number two on the scary thing list – just after zombies of course.
The Bigfoot War tale is a classic survival one – so you can expect great action and some interesting characters. Eric is not afraid to kill people off so either get used to it or go and cry to your mummy. His stories, not matter how fantastic, always read like real-life – there is always just enough reality in there to make it sound not quite as mad of the book-blurb can. With this book, you get a ring-side seat as a revenge killing takes place, only to be followed by a desperate battle for survival as a small town fights a tribe of these powerful creatures.
Bigfoot Wars 2 is in the pipeline and there’s also a campaign to get the book made into a movie. I suggest myself and Michelle Rodriguez (from Lost and Battle Los Angeles) for the lead role. I played the tax collector in a school play and plan to use this experience on the boards to wow my co-star.
So, where should you start with Eric stuff? Right, you are a bad person if you haven’t read his short stories so I recommend his collection for their zombic goodness. I also have his brilliant mash up novel on the shelf waiting to go so that’s in too. Then you must read Bigfoot Wars and Eric always mentions Seasons of Rot as some of his best work.
Eric S Brown is already widely known within our grim little zombie community but he is poised for bigger things as a writer. I know he has recently signed to a big publisher and I’m sure he’ll be doing more in the future. For many of us, he will always be the ‘King of Zombies’ but I’ve got a feeling he is gonna shock us by coming up with new and different stuff in the future.
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