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Ministry of Zombies
Home of the Haynes Zombie Survival Manual and all things zombie survival in the UK
Haynes Zombie Survival Manua
The Official Zombie Handbook (UK)
War Against The Walking Dead
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Ask me anything discussion on www.reddit.com (live discussion on 31 Oct 13) - Click Here


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The UK's first all Zombie online store!

Zombie gifts, movies, books, board games, war games, role-playing, props, costume, masks, make-up, contact lenses, jewellery, novelties, music, T-shirts and apparel, comics, miniatures, collectibles, film poster and memorabilia and more. Everything undead you ever wanted.

The contact for zombie fans in the UK with the only newspaper for ghoul lovers – the Zombie Times.  


Meet Doctor Austin, a Theoretical Zombiologist with the Zombie Institute for Theoretical studies based in the University of Glasgow. As the foremost expert of Zombie Science, the Ministry of Zombies, Sean T Page, will be working closely with Doctor Austin for the greater good of mankind. Sign up for one of his forthcoming lectures in 2011.


A Hub for Information about Land Of The Dead Game, LOTD Patches And Maps,  Zombie Movies, Zombie Related Articles, Zombie Games, Zombie Fiction, Music... and much More...

We should go there and bow to the great master and his work


The Australian Zombie Awareness Association - preparing our Aussie friends for the inevitable outbreak of the undead virus


A zombie expert from the states into all things zombie – follow her blog & check out her articles.

Horror Books - A webpage dedicated to reviewing the latest Horror Books.

I glimpsed the apocalypse, it had long hair & power ballads. Abandon hope all who enter, prepare to be seduced by those velvet tones.


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